Washington based US designer, Jayashree Paramesh, has an enchanting store, and I suspect appropriately named NChantme.  What initially caught my eye were her delightful creature designs.  Her beetle pendant necklace tutorial, for example, is one of her most popular ones. This one will also make a wonderful brooch. 

She says sparkly crystals and gemstones are her favorites to use. I love how she uses these in her designs. Teardrop cabochons, for example, become the body of her beaded flamingo!

Jayashree also designs other pretty beaded jewelry tutorials and offers kits for some of them.  Some readers tell me they prefer kits as these help them buy only just what they need and keep in budget! She has many more great designs than the ones I selected here.  

This designer is also an instructor, offering online Zoom classes

So do head over for a browse.

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