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Stunning Beaded Metal Frame and Hemisphere Jewelry Tutorials, Kits and Supplies by CactusRoseJewelry

Californian bead artist, Kimberly Morgan of CactusRoseJewelry, is a modern designer whose work appeals on so many levels. She delivers in spades with her distinctive contemporary style and colorful palette.  I also love how she adds a wonderful inspirational photo to each of her lead design photos. This is a designer with a keen eye for hues and structural elements.

I have selected my favorites from her stunning beaded metal frame and hemisphere designs. She is so good at beading within and without the frames as well as building up from the metallic hemispheres. 

Kimberly supplies not just tutorials but the kits and findings which go with her designs.  Also of note is her clever ergonomic loom (shown at the end) which makes so much sense as you don't have to stoop over it. 

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  1. Those photos give me some good ideas. A lot of similar findings seem to be trendy now, and I have bought more of them than I probably should have, and now I have some things I can do with them. (Also running out of seed beads and firepolished rounds will not be an issue for me...)

  2. Gorgeous designs and can photography!

  3. SERIOUSLY fabulous stuff! And she's using TC ear wires and buttons. <3 :)


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