I recently shared a post about shipping and delivery and offered a tip about protecting stud earring posts with cut eraser cubes so they don't bend in the mail. This is a work around for those of us who need to ship flat for cheaper domestic rates. Boxes don't qualify for these rates. 

But there are other materials you can use to safeguard those posts. Shown below are several wonderful stud designs from TierraCast.  There are plain ones, decorative ones as well those embellished with crytals.  These are strong pewter posts which come in several varieties of finishes. Great quality. 

I've received a number of shipments from this US company over the years. They come with hollow rubber tubes to protect the posts.  Only once did a few posts arrive bent (see the one on the bottom right). So why not recycle those for your finished studs?

Ear nuts or backs will easily slide down the posts. The posts will poke out of packaging or will get bent. I was hoping these ear backs with plastic discs shown below would stay put. But no luck.  

Note that this style of ear nuts serves two purposes. Firstly, they are easier to put on because of their relative size. Secondly, the bigger back helps distribute the weight of the dangles so that the earrings sit better for those with saggy ear holes!  Some years back, a young lady actually thought that the plastic bits should be removed and her hack went viral

So no matter what backs you use, just trim down the rubber tubing to fit so the posts do not poke out. You can also buy 2 mm hollow rubber tubing designed for jewelry making and cut them up using a craft knife.  Colorful rubber tubing are used to dress up wire - see these posts for inspiration.

The view of the back of the earring card :

And the view of the earring card ready to be popped into a cellophane bag. 

The featured earrings here are from my finished jewelry store, CraftaGems. These laser cut  "gems" - metallic silver, mirror smooth black and gold glitter acrylic - team up wonderfully with TierraCast stud earrings. 

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