Bulgarian designer, Rozantia is a regular reader of my blog and a blogger herself.  Not too long ago, she shared pictures of two of her bracelets where the focals are bag buckles saved from long ago. 

I like how she created Egyptian wire spirals for one of them. Rozantia says they are actually large button like buckles.  Buckles usually have the metal bit that slips into the belt holes. So if your decorative buckle has that, you may well have to remove it.  Check out her Instagram, @rozantiqjewelry, for more pictures of her work!

There are no limits on what you can do with buckles. See what these two designers did!

This found object stylized brass belt buckle buckle pendant necklace is by Lynn Beckner of Savvy Reclamation. Lynn specializes in jewelry designs made from upcycled hardware. 

This wonderful steampunk assemblage necklace is made up from vintage belt buckles. The design is by Andrea O'Neil of UpCycledWorks
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