I remember playing with paper kaleidocycles when I was young. But I didn't know it's name then. This dynamic papercraft has since moved into the hands of advanced beaders. They rose to the challenge of making these beautiful geometric designs. 

Kate McKinnon of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, in particular, deserves credit for popularizing this architectural beadwork technique. 

Shown here are the amazing kaledidocycles including bangle tutorial designs from Marca Smit's DiMarcaOnline. See my past feature on her amazing peyote stars.  She is a Dutch designer and supplier based in France.  Some of the designs in her shop are by DatzKatzDesigns.

As you can see, the bangle designs have much bigger open spaces in the middle.  Regardless, the beaded hinges of all kaleidocycles allow the user to change the faces of the beadwork. 

Perhaps Marca will do an Etsy video listing in the future. But if you are puzzled by how these work, check out this demonstration and explanation by Kate McKinnon.

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