I featured Irina's work before.  She is hoping to keep her Ukrainian cultural traditions alive - particularly its unique hand painting style.  

Her shop, UAmaze, has expanded since then with new jewelry items, accessories, home decor, even traditional wooden toys and kits.

I especially love her wide range of Christmas ornaments as well as hand painted plates,and boxes. She mostly paints on wood but she also paints on metal as shown with the earrings below.  Her designs also appear on Italian silk scarves. 

She now offers plate painting kits.  Who knew you could get handmade cat fur paint brushes!

Shipping delays in the run up to Christmas is inevitable due to the increased volume of shipments.  Add to that the challenges facing the US postal services in an election year,  early orders to any vendor would be prudent to avoid disappointment.

Irina herself is encouraging early orders with a special deal - buy 5 Christmas ornaments and pay the usual shipping cost, she will make that expedited shipping so the buyer will receive the order much sooner.  Sweet deal!

Handmade Cat Fur Painting Brushes

Painting Kit

Inspirational Painted Decorative Plate

Ukrainian Nesting Dolls

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