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Gorgeous Carved Cabochons by UniversalJewellery

Some of my best finds comes from readers like you!  Lorraine Gonda is the latest one. She  recently raved about the well rated UniversalJewellery. It is run by Mohammed Sufi, a gemstone carver, lapidarist and jewelry designer based in Jaipur, India. 

She was very taken with his work and confessed she bought several cabochons especially the carved natural emeralds.  She said in an email to me, " Everything I bought from him has been outstanding and very well priced. His carved emerald leaves are just beautiful and are carved on both sides."

I can see why Lorraine is such a fan as he does have some awesome cabochons at very reasonable prices.  I was especially taken with his carved labradorites and that brilliant pietersite is gorgeous. Great for wire wrapping, macrame and beaded bezel work.

Natural emerald

He also has some sterling silver gemstone designs for those who like their cabochons finished and ready to incorporate into jewelry designs.  

As the items are shipped from India, a longer shipping time is to be expected.  Lorraine is right, "I would advise early ordering for holidays since the post does take time if anyone is interested. Of course he does offer a quicker shipping option if one doesn't mind paying a higher shipping fee."  Sooner rather than later is good advice for all shoppers. 


Bumblebee Jasper


Brilliant Pietersite


Rainbow Moonstone

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  1. What a wonderful array of color and beauty. I can see having to wear a bib to keep from drooling all over myself. Thanks to Lorraine Gonda and you for bringing this artist to our attention.

    1. Love your comment...that is me at this store + a few heart palpitations! Hard not to loose control shopping here.
      Could not keep this all to myself. Hope you get a chance to look at this store. Too many good things there!
      Thought you might like to know he just listed a bunch of those carved emerald leaves at unbelievable prices. If I had not spent my monthly quota I would be there now snatching them all up. FYI he will custom drill any of these stones upon request to make pendants.
      Lorraine Gonda

  2. Aren't these gorgeous! I love gemstones.

  3. I heard from Sufi at Universal Jewelry a little while ago and he was so excited about your article regarding his shop. He truly is appreciative and thankful that you wrote this fabulous article about his shop. Certainly made his day and mine!

    Thank you so much Pearl for this wonderful article on my favorite shop for these beautiful carved cabochons. I really encourage other readers who use cabochons in their work to explore what is in his shop. I don't know how he manages to keep his prices so reasonable, but I know I have found even these carved stones are within any budget.

    Really loved this article...again thank you for taking the time to write this.

  4. I added this shop to my favorites on Etsy! They've got some beautiful stones!


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