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The next step is to try circuit board jewelry, right?   If you have a hankering to give it a go next time you have to give up on an old computer etc, then this TheCraftsmanSteadyCraftin' tutorial is for you! If nothing else, his calm, soothing voice will make his demonstration enjoyable!  He is the Bob Ross of the crafting world. 

Notice how he uses metal snips to cut the rough shape. I would prefer this over a Dremel tool for this material because there is less dust that way.   Also important is to heed his warning about wearing dust protection if you have to sand.  This is very important as you do not want to breathe in the dust. Circuit boards do contain some hazardous materials so be sure you know what you are doing before cutting up a lot of these. 

The rest of his tutorial covers the typical technique for resin work using open bezels. I found the best tape to use is actually strong packing tape.  Duct tape is to be avoided! 

He doesn't mention what kind of resin he uses but as it is used as a thin layer, the heat gun method works to get rid of the numerous bubbles. 

Check out his Etsy and the rest of his Youtube channel

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  1. Pear, you've done it again. I couldn't stop watching his videos. He's a wonderfully entertaining character. Somehow, the video on making Hidden Wood Jewelry came up first. I love the rings and was wondering the other day if there was any way that I could make them. Voila!! Pearl to the rescue. what a great find!!

  2. I got a circuit board to make similar pendants but I am scared to cut it up for I am worried about the hazardous substances in cannisters.

    1. You do have to be careful not to breath in any of the dust especially with power tools and when sanding. So use a dust mask etc.

  3. As I've told you personally...The Crafsman is watched in our house nightly by hubby. He loves his tutorials and has followed thru on some of them. We love his humour and knowledge!


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