Artists use a variety of canvases.  But one of the more unusual canvases is sea glass.  British designer, Ruth of ShePaintsSeaGlass loves the challenge of painting in small scale. The irregular shapes and sizes of sea glass do not faze her as her work is charming and unique.

Ruth explained, "I've been miniature painting for many years and also enjoy collecting sea glass. As you can probably tell from viewing my shop, I like to paint and craft very small items. My favourite thing to paint are tiny landscapes, castles and city skylines."

Tiny, indeed!  She uses wire work to frame her pieces as well as form the bails of her pendants, earrings, bag charms and ornaments.  Shown here are my favorites. 

As you can see, she can deftly come up with simple designs like robins and cats to more complex landscapes like beach scenes and, naturally since she is from the UK, Stonehenge!

Simply delightful!

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