Erika Pal of WireArtTutorials is one of my favorite wire artists.  She is always coming up with new designs.

I came across her video tutorial on how to do two things at once!  She demonstrates how to do a combination wire wrapping and wire braiding technique.  She uses this method in her full tutorials.

Only one wire is typically used to wrap around core wire(s). What she does is use a second wrapping wire which not only continues to wrap as the first one but these two wires braid at the same time.  Neat!

Some tips for the novice wire worker - always have your fingers doing the bending close to the work. You risk untidy work if your fingers are further away. Notice how she presses down after each bend?  This "sets" the wire. She also straightens the wire as well as moves the wrapping closer together as she progresses.    

Thicker wire used in this way will make really nice bracelets if you know how to finish the clasp ends!

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