Californian designer Lejoi Reese of BraveChickJewelry creates all kinds of jewelry. However, her standout collection has to be her contemporary pearl and shell earrings! Those designs certainly caught my eye with their clean lines which make the pearl or shell focals really pop.

In addition, a percentage of all her sales are donated to the anti-domestic abuse campaign

My favorites from her shop are the translucent capiz shell earrings. These shells are from the windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta). The mollusks are edible but their shells in particular have been prized for centuries for their glass-like characteristics. They are often used in decorative items like chandeliers and lampshades as well as for animal glues and shellac.

The name capiz comes from the name of the province of Capiz in the Philippines where the oysters are abundant.  The harvesting of this oyster provides the people there with a livelihood. The shells are a major export of that country.  Sustainable harvesting is being introduced to stop stocks from declining. Aquaculture attempts have also been made to propagate this species

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