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Really Pretty Floral Polymer Clay Bracelets Tutorials | Ideas with Link Bracelet Blanks

Susan Bailey has over two decades of polymer clay experience. Her creativity has led to past wins in Fire Mountain Gems polymer clay competitions.  She is primarily on Youtube.  

Sales from her Etsy store, TurtleSoupBeads, subsidizes her production costs for her Youtube channel so she can provide wonderful free tutorials for all.  

One helpful tutorial is how she makes really pretty floral polymer clay bracelets using link bracelet blanks such as those with simple glue pads or those with several small bezels.  She goes over the techniques here but also see her other related tutorials.  The flowers are so creatively put together especially when rhinestones are use

This video starts with some tips for the studio. No bets on why pink is her favorite color!

Check out the info section for this tutorial for the links to her other mentioned tutorials.  Please also note Susan's instructions :

My original designs are free to use in all your personal work for craft fairs and art shows however if you are to copy them for sale or reproduction in videos or on the internet you need my express written permission . If you post on facebook or instagram my designs or any other artist please give them credit so other people can learn and be inspired.


This blog may contain affiliate links. I do receive a small fee for any products purchased through affiliate links. This goes towards the support of this blog and to provide resource information to readers. The opinions expressed are solely my own. They would be the same whether or not I receive any compensation. 
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  1. I have learned so much from Susan. Her tutorials are fantastic and she is one of the best teachers. ❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🥰🥰🥰

    1. She is indeed a fabulous instructor full of creative ideas!

  2. polymer clay creations are where I "ooohhh and aaaahhh" but haven't tried to do. yet. TurtleSoupBeads On Youtube is fun, interesting and educational; I could binge watch!

  3. When I first stumbled on this tutorial I was simply blown away! So many women love pretty - and love flowers. The combination of both hits all the keys on my creativity piano!

    My notifications from TurtleSoupBeads are always inspiring. Thank you Susan!

    1. I found my bracelet blanks and her ideas are inspiring!


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