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Delightful Polymer Clay Tropical Flower Earrings Tutorial

This CrystalsandClay polymer clay tropical flower earrings tutorial is both delightful and ingenious. The clay flowers depict hibiscus and frangipani (plumeria) flowers over monstera leaves.

What is clever is the hidden double holed metal disc which is the base on which the polymer clay elements sit.  The disc itself is wired to the diamond shaped wire frame.

You can also make the required disc out of polymer clay.

Consider using my wood frames - not just the diamond shaped ones - for a more organic look.

Before You Go:


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  1. I think that is above my skill level for the moment but I am bookmarking this post because those are really cute.

    1. Mine too! But I agree - it is such a pretty design.

  2. I wish i worked with polymer clay, these are beautiful and so unique! thanks for sharing.

    1. You should give it a go, Cally. You never know if you will like it!

  3. Love those two flowers....they are so gorgeous. I tried to grow plumeria when I got back from Hawaii but failed...sigh...

  4. I haven’t explored the polymer clay yet, but I most certainly am keeping the information on those beautiful Polymer Clay Tropical Earrings. They are gorgeous! I am earring picky, nut those earrings I definitely would wear. Awesome job and so much talent and beauty!


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