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Versatile Wire Horseshoe Earrings and Bracelet Tutorial

Vietnamese wire artist Lan Anh Handmade has an easy wire "horseshoe"  style wire jewelry set tutorial that is also versatile to boot. 

The simple linking technique - basically double ended eye pins - is good practice for beginners especially getting the links identical for the bracelet versions.

Earrings can also be made to have equal sized loops rather than a graduated set as shown in her tutorial. Varying types of beads and sizes are also other options. A great challenge would be to make the beadless version of the bracelet long enough for a necklace. Perhaps with even smaller links!

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  1. Wow! she has some very unique ideas! love the little Cinderella slipper and the "swing". thanks for sharing!

  2. I wonder if Lan hammers her wire a bit before bending it - especially for the bracelet - to give it some strength - especially since she's using a fine enough wire that unbends easily enough when pulled on.

    That being said - I love the beauty of copper and think more people need to appreciate it's warmth when wearing. I realize people get a green reaction on their skin - but coated wire helps with that and an additional spray of varnish can also help.

    Beautiful designs as always.


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