Polish designer, Anna Mazon of Drakonaria, is an amazing metal clay artist.  Her designs are exquisitely detailed. From the dragon's wings and scales to tiny flowers and leaves and the delicate scrolls of some of her outstanding earrings.  

She is clearly influenced by ancient cultures and their relationships with nature. 

Anna spoke about what inspires her :

I often look at Nature through the eyes of ancient cultures and legends. I rediscover old myths, travel through forgotten lands, reach out to deeply rooted archetypes, which are nowadays remembered by few. Those ‘expeditions’ into the world of literature or ancient art allow me to capture in my jewelry not only the beauty of Nature inspired form, but also a pinch of old magic, a drop of longing for the past and, what’s most important – ideas, which were born in the ancient times, but are still relevant.
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Spiral of Life with Oak leaves and branches

Silver Stag Pendant with Oak Leaves

Anna is also a seasoned instructor having taught at workshops around the world. Check out her tutorial section if you are interested in learning this technique but can't attend her classes. 

Fun fact 

Oak trees are strong, long lived and large hardwood trees. As such, they were revered by many ancient European cultures. In Norse mythology, the oak was associated with the thunder god, Thor. This was likely due to the oaks being tall trees and were thus more often struck by lightning than other trees. 

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