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Watch this Artisan Create a Wild Horse Mini Sculpture Bracelet | Showing Feeling Through Microsculptures

One of my favorite metalsmiths is Spanish designer, Pablo Cimadevila. I have shared his work and story before.  This talented designer is truly inspirational - not just his work but his life.  He is wheelchair bound due to a childhood traffic accident.

He overcame that not only to become an exceptional jewelry designer but he also won a swimming gold at the ParaOlympics and set a world record somewhere along the way!

He regularly posts videos on how he makes some of his custom design pieces.   A recent video shows him designing and making a Wild Horse mini sculpture macrame bracelet. From start to finish, he demonstrates his creativity, skills and attention to detail. Not to mention an envy-inducing studio with state of the art tools and equipment. 

It's a custom design for his friend Pepe de la Fuente, the Spanish entrepreneur behind Me&MyLife. The brand specializes in turning "micro-sculptures into real works of art representing the way we feel at certain times in life."

Pablo explained how he came up with his Wild Horse idea :

From the very beginning I was fascinated by the idea of a Wild Horse swimming/fighting against the tide. Very few sculptures define in such a simple manner what it means to sometimes feel different. When you stand up for your beliefs, your visions, your thoughts, your insides... you feel so alive, so “your own”, so confident... but sometimes also so misunderstood... that the only way left is the self conviction one, the dedication and the NO surrender. Something deep in our bones tells us that this is the right path to follow, or at least that this is our path....The world needs us to show ourselves the way we are, and the best way to do it is to just be yourself.

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find. 

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  1. His skills are beyond amazing! Not only an incredible artist, but I have no idea how he managed to place the camera to capture all those steps! In some it looks like the camera is in the container! And, yes, total tool envy...even though I have no idea what most of them were for! Thanks for sharing another incredible artist.

    1. I would guess he has professional help with video but his jewelry making skills are beyond awesome!

  2. Alberta has the most wild horses in the world. We often saw them roaming the hillsides or grazing alongside the river as we drifted by on our inflatable rafts. They are unique looking with thick coarse hair and their legs are shorter than a racing/jumping horse. Every time you catch sight of them it induces feelings of awe/wonder/happiness and pride. The fact they have survived and prospered on the short grasses of the foothills hits you and you can't help but want to be free like them.

    Every time I watch Pablo at work I'm in awe. He exudes the personality of a wild horse! His jewelry skills are over-the-top! I'd love to be his assistant - and to get to work with all his amazing jewelry tools. I drool when I see his studio!
    I watch his videos intently - noting how he creates different pieces but also for that one moment when he looks directly into the camera. His incredible eyes seem to pierce my soul - I gasp each and every time.
    Pablo - if you're reading this - I see you!

    1. I think Pablo chose just the right animal for his design!

  3. What an incredible person. He stands as a prime example of overcoming a disability. His credo - "If you can dream it, you can do it" - says much about his approach to life.

    His artistic abilities are extraordinary. Loved watching his "lost wax" casting process. Wish I had had his equipment when I was learning how to do it. Just thinking of how many gold crowns I had to make in school using the rudimentary equipment that we had gives me shivers.

    Where is he located in Spain - one of my favorite countries?

    1. He was born in Pontevedra. I think he still lives there. He is a fantastic athlete and jewelry designer. I too love watching his process videos.


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