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5 Amazing Seahorse Jewelry Designs

The seahorse is one of the strangest creatures. This marine fish belongs to the genus Hippocampus which is derived from Ancient Greek to mean horse - sea monster. It is hardly a monster they range from 0.6 to 14 inches tall.

Besides the horse-like head, the seahorse has bony armor, a prehensile tail and swims upright. The males are ideal mates and devoted fathers - they are monogamous, mating for life and as we all know, take on the pregnancy and birthing role, contractions and all.

Watch this video of a seahorse father giving birth. At the end of this exhausting process, his mate is ready to deposit the next clutch of eggs!  This particular species can give birth to about 1800+ offspring - only a tiny fraction will survive to adulthood in the wild.  Seahorse populations are in decline due to over exploitation through fishing and use in traditional medicine.

So it not surprising that the sea horse is a popular inspiration for jewelry designers. Why not enjoy the inspired creations and bring attention to the seahorses' plight. Shown here are my top favorite designs by metal work designers.

The silver seahorse pendant shown at the top, isoffered in different finishes, is by Spanish metalsmith designer,  Dcastjoyasdesigns.

This beautiful seahorse ring is especially dramatic with a patina finish! The design is by NomikaJewelry.

How minimalist can one go with the seahorse?  Check out this dainty seahorse ring by OahuJewelrys.

This fine silver metal clay seahorse pendant beauty shows off the clay carving skills of CrystalCavernImports.

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  1. I didn't realize those little cuties were declining in population! Beautiful designs and educational too!

  2. I'm with Cally - I had no idea - but it makes sense doesn't it? Anything beautiful is exploited for mankind - plus - add all the plastic in our oceans. Some day our oceans and seas will be vast deserts unless we change.

  3. I have a friend, Crystal Palmer who made a wire-wrapped seahorse. She sells and has a Facebook under the name Wldflwr's Creations. I'd send a picture but I cannot share it on this page.

    1. I had a peek at her FB page. She is a great wire artist!


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