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Watch this Resin Artist Share Great Ideas with Resin and Cement!

One of my favorite resin artists is Sveta of Fresh Idea on Youtube. Her channel is well named because she does indeed share great ideas - a fresh approach to resin work for jewelry and the home. 

I enjoyed watching her recent video which shows us so many wonderful ways with not just resin, but cement!  Yes, cement can definitely be used in silicone molds.

I've actually tried the double resin approach as well as the classic dried flower resin jewelry one. I have reshared them after her video below. 

But Sveta gave me so many other ideas.  A balloon as a mold? That and more. Like how to get textured cement pieces and even a great coaster using a mold for making round beads. She is indeed creative. 

Dandelions and other plant material must be dried before going into resin. Otherwise the material will rot inside the resin. See my tutorial on how to use silica crystal cat litter to dry the dandelion clocks :

The in depth tutorial on making real flower resin jewelry is here. Note resin is not like water. One reader was puzzled thinking the dandelion clock would go all clumpy in the resin. Not so!  

I recommend Little Windows' Brilliant Resin which is an excellent jewelry grade resin.  The round silicone cabochon mold is very good as there are several sizes available and in multiples. Readers get a 15% discount - use this code BG1516

As an alternative to a glue or screw in bail, you can also make a wire bezel or even a beaded one for the dandelion cabochon.  See my wire tutorial here.  Other ideas are in the first link below. 

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  1. A dandelion, there is one type of flower that is actually in my yard...

    Someday soon I will have a workspace more suitable for getting into this kind of project.

    1. I know what you mean about space. I wish I had long tables where I can dedicate my crafts in different sections!

  2. Wow!! Thank you for sharing this video. I am always a little nervous about getting into resin, with all that mixing and the bubble issue, etc. But she makes it look pretty straightforward.

    1. The key is gentle mixing. Another great tip I learned is to briefly microwave Part A for about 6 seconds - this reduces bubbles too.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you know the name of the buds Sveta uses, (pink & some times purple ones) plus the ones that look like tiny pink rose buds, and where I can get them. thank you

    1. She probably dried the small buds gathered from plants. I don't know which species though. I pick flowers and leaves from my own garden myself for resin work. Please search this blog for how to dry plant material - I have many free tutorials. If not, email me at and I can send you some links.


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