Not much of a wire worker?  Fear not as you can make informally wrapped toggle clasp and tornado beads for a unique bracelet. The tutorials are taught by Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation

The length of wire is wrapped either around a mandrel like a knitting needle or around a basic wire toggle. Beads are added at intervals as the wire is woven in and out of the growing work.  Small wire coils add wonderful touches to the designs.  Tucking in the wire ends neatly is important!

First up is the tutorial on how to make the tornado beads. Note there are editing glitches - just move past the black screens. 

And here is the tornado toggle clasp lesson. Check out this past post if you need a simple wire bar clasp end to go with this.  Or if you are comfortable with wire, make the bar side like the one pictured in Lisa's tutorials 

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