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Botanically Inspired Wire Woven Jewelry Tutorials by Wild Raven Designs

You've seen many tree of life wire wrapped designs over the years, right?  Sometimes they are integral parts of wire wrapped cabochons.  But Oregon designer, Jennifer Haworth of WildRavenDesigns does something very different.

She created the Evergreen Tree Design and it has become her signature design. The multiple wire coiled 3D tree designs really stand out. 

Jennifer offers a number of specific wire tree embellished cabochon pendant tutorials. But she also has instructions for the just the trees themselves for wire workers who want to add those surface embellishments to their own designs. 

She also has other wire woven jewelry tutorial designs. I particularly liked those for triangular gemstones.  

See more of Jennifer's unique wire evergreen tree pendant designs on her Instagram

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  1. just when I think I've seen every wire-wrapping technique...
    amazing and beautiful designs! I especially like the palm tree.

  2. This tree design is incredible, indeed!

  3. Off to search her tutorials! What gorgeous designs!

  4. I'm back to say I just had to buy one of these tutorials. I'm super excited about playing with her tree designs!

    Thanks for the share Pearl.

  5. Thank you both so much. Thank you Pearl.

  6. I have purchased all of Jeni Haworth's tutorials. They are easy to follow and she encourages you to use your imagination to embelish her designs. She answered any question I had regarding her tutorials. Thanks Jeni and thanks Pearl for sharing this extremely talented artist's work.

  7. Thank you so much Barb. You are awesome!!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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