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Cat and Mouse Armor Art and Jewelry by Jeff De Boer | ArmetCanada

Jeff  De Boer is a Calgary based Canadian metalwork visual artist and jewelry designer (ArmetCanada).  He is best known for his delightful cat and mouse armor art.  If two opponents are in perpetual combat, then in Jeff's whimsical world, these enemies will be properly equipped! 

His legions of fans and clients worldwide are charmed by his renditions of different historical armor designs.  He is actually a jewelry designer but he decided to make a mouse armor as a side project during his training.  That led to cat armor. He has been creating both his art sculptures and jewelry for more than 30 years! 

His work showcases his talent and impressive metal work skills especially his repoussé and chasing technique. 

Jeff said :

I cannot remember a day when I did not want to be an artist. It’s all I've ever wanted to be. My father was a metal fabricator. So I was making things my whole life. I decided to go into Jewelry because I liked the skills, and I liked making things. And I told myself I would treat jewelry as a form of three-dimensional visual communication. There was no course in existence for what my gut was telling me. But the jewelry department was perfect for me, I knew that. The rest is history.

Japanese Samurai Cat Armor

Gladiator Cat Helmet

Persian Cat Armor

Here are his mouse armor jewelry designs :

Jeff also creates some amazing kinetic gear jewelry :

Bee Bum Mini Pendant Necklace

Sunburst Planetary Gear Pendant

Art Deco Kinetic Gear Pendant

See more of his art sculpture process on his Instagram and his Facebook

This CBC Arts video shows Jeff explaining how he started and watch him in action in his studio. 

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  1. When I first read this article on Bored Panda it made me smile.

    Watching his work - his riveting - his repousse - his studio! OMG!! Heaven!

    I absolutely love it when people find their niche and excel at it. Makes me happy for them.

  2. The cat and mouse armours look so cute and whimsical that they made me smile for the first time today.

  3. This made me smile! Good for him! "art" is in the eye of the beholder, and I see ART.


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