Ina Prodanova is the London based designer behind EnnaJewellery. Her work is a stunning collection of bold statement jewelry.  She hand crafts them from acrylic and plastic including recycled plastic like PET bottles. All hand cut - not laser cutting - and hand painted.  

Her unique contemporary style includes fluid pieces like the necklaces shown above and below as well as the geometric shapes she loves. 

Beautifully made and with a wonderful design balance. The gold colored necklace below looks wonderful when worn as shown in the following model photo. 

Ina has art degrees including a MA in visual communications/graphic design. She works in advertising. 

She said :

My babes are created of my passion to make something I could wear, something I really want to be noticed for. Just wanted to differentiate myself! Would be more than happy if you feel that energy and the uniqueness of the style. This will be the most rewarding experience to me! This is my hobby and I LOVE it ♥

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