To say beaders were upset with the withdrawal of Swarvoski Elements from the DIY market is an understatement. My previous post last November,  Is Swarovski Going to Stop Making Crystal Beads?  What are the Alternatives?, garnered over 40 comments to date.  

Preciosa bicones is a viable alternative but how they really measure up to Swarovski crystals?  This cleverly titled feature Let Bicones Be Bicones from Beadfx, a Toronto based retailer goes into detail about their differences and similarities. 

Dwyn did a thorough review of Preciosa vs Swarovski, comparing color and size. She has provided a chart showing their respective color availabilities which you can download from her feature (towards the end). 

She also measured the bicones from both brands as best she could and showed the difference in yet another chart.  This was no easy task as she explained.  So you can judge for yourself if the differences are sufficiently small for your needs. In my opinion, the sizing is very similar and suitable for enough for most people. 

Thanks Dwyn for doing the hard work getting the data together!

UPDATE : Someone asked me on Facebook if Swarovski is getting rid of just bicones. Nope. Judging from the regular discontinued items in various online jewelry suppliers, all kinds of crystals will be affected.  So if you love Swarovski rivolis - there are Preciosa alternatives


Above image of my Swarvoski bicones was taken using my iPhone 8+ for final product photography in natural light and with the aid of photo editing apps. My online class Easy Guide to Smartphone Jewelry Photography is now available. Read more about it here.  


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