Need more sparkle in your life?  High quality crystal sure give us that bedazzling look. No one is sure just how much of Swarovski's inventory is going to disappear (see first link below). But there are others.

New Jersey based ABCrystal is a wholesaler for Asfour Crystal. They stock fabulous chandelier parts in all sorts of shapes. The AB coated ones are simply gorgeous.  Many of these parts are large so they are best as focals or as suncatchers. Or simply to refurbish or create new chandeliers in your home.

I have selected my favorites from ABCrystal's collection. They also have a few Swarovski equivalents including the teardrop crystal shown at the bottom. 

Asfour Crystal is an Egyptian crystal manufacturer which was founded in 1961.  They make crystals for lighting, chandeliers, figurines, components for the fashion industry and so on.  Asfour crystals are typically 32% lead which makes the crystals heavier. 

(Note : these are used as decoration, so touching them is not dangerous. They are not lead plumbing or vessels for drinking and they aren't small enough to be swallowed by a child. Lead toxicity is an issue if lead leaches in something consumed or inhaled - which is why leaded gasoline and lead based paint are banned.) 

Their fashion components appears to be limited and hard to find. This older Asfour Crystal catalogue I retrieved from the Internet Archives shows these are mainly flatbacks and sew-on stones. 

Who knows?  Perhaps Asfour Crystal will consider filling the void Swarvoski may be creating as they withdraw many of their components from the marketplace. 

Swarovski Teardrop Crystal 

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