Zozi (her nickname) is the Israeli metalsmith behind ZOZiJewelry. She trained as a metalsmith in both Israel and India.  She grew up in many places and travelled extensively before settling down to raise a family. The experiences have certainly influenced her creativity.  

What stands out is her unique modern ethnic fusion jewelry designs.  She works with different metals such as gold, silver and brass.  

My designs are a fusion of influences and cultures. They are imprinted onto my jewelry by my experiences and inspirations. Growing up in Africa, Israel and Canada, and traveling around the world, especially developing countries, groomed my fascination with ancient cultures. 

 I love exploring primitive shapes, symbols, textures and patterns. Out of these I develop something new- my creation, my expression. I love working with natural materials- semi precious stones, mother of pearl, feathers and leather. I particularly enjoy experimenting with metal and leather. Blending the hardness of one with the flexibility of the other is an endless source of creative expression for me.
Some of her distinctive designs include her ear jackets collection. Her snake leather bracelet shown further down, can also be worn as a choker!

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