Izzy of PerfectlyTwisted  is a wonderful wire artist from Colorado. Did you know she has a Youtube channel on wire jewelry tutorials?

I discovered her excellent wire wrapped heart pendant tutorial. A heart shaped gemstone is not the easiest shape to work with. Yet, Izzy manages to add a second gemstone to the design.

Her tutorial shows you how to form that perfect V wire bend for the bottom tip of the heart. I like how she has the full frame wire support at the back but the square wire in the front just sits slightly above and around the heart stone. Another V wire bend at the top helps secure the gemstone. 

Unlike some other wire artists,  I noticed she often uses her tools to wrap and to place wire ends through gaps. This reduces stress on sensitive fingertips when wire wrapping.  Her pliers also help her exert a firm pull on the wire as she wraps.

Izzy says work hardening is optional but I recommend you still do it as this will make the frame firmer. Copper is a soft metal after all.

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