Lentil beads are rather like squashed rounds with tapered edges.  Polymer clay ones are fun to make and the design options are infinite.

I really like the ocean waves polymer clay lentil necklace tutorial by Heather Powers. She has great tips and tricks to link these single hole components together.

What she does is to use ball head pins and a pretty rondelle for the front. The rest of the head pin is used to make a small loop. She connects the three lentils through those loops at the back with a long length of wire. Beads are used for spacing.

The tutorial also shows some earrings as examples for small lentils. You use the ball head pin wire ends to wrap around the earring hoops.

UPDATE : The link no longer works. Check out Cindy at PolymerClayTutor's How to Pierce Lentil Beads tutorial.   That should help you complete a linking project like the above.


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