Know a car guy or girl? Georgia based Julie Glasser of JulRiDesign  has a whole fleet of beaded miniature vehicle tutorials!  They are adorable.  Use them as ornaments, key chain charms and so on.  

She says she has a passion for creating mostly with beads and fabric. Perhaps a love of cars and travel might run in the family too?

My favorites include the retro designs like the camper and the VW Beetle and bus. I love how she included details such as the wipers, front grill and tail lights.  A remarkable achievement since these are small!

Julie said  :

And as it turns out, my father worked for Ford for 30 years, so I grew up with a different leased car every year or That Ford Ranger was my very first car!! I had to make that 1984 version:) And the Mustang convertible pattern that I just dropped is the car my dad drove that same year. OK, the pattern is based on a 2021 Mustang, but reminded me of the one we had in the 80's!
That explains her vehicle inspirations.

Julie also offers other designs.  This colorful houses bracelet below is actually by her mother, Rita Grossberg.

Julie explained :
She used a photo from a cruise and painted it dot by dot. The original design had over 50 colors. It was printed in Bead & Button in 2008 & in 2010 in The Big Book of Beading Patterns - edited down to around 19 colors (no charts were given). After numerous requests, I have re-drawn this pattern in a program to provide the following: 
A color image of the pattern, a bead legend with suggested bead color and quantity needed, a bead graph - color coded, a word chart.

Julie and her mother regularly took a cruise together (pre-pandemic) and doing their creative things together - her beading and her mother painting (Instagram : @ritaellen123).

This colorful bead tube bracelet was designed by Julie. It has been published twice before in different magazines. 

Also noteworthy is this button bracelet - a wonderful design for those of you who want to use up your button stash.

Here is an example of one of her travel bead boards with matching organizer bag :

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