Macrame knotted friendship bracelets are wildly popular. They are inexpensive and addictive to make. A very soothing thing to create. 

Check out MashaKnots, a London based macrame whiz who shares many tutorials on her Youtube.  This video is most helpful as she includes 5 hacks to help anyone who loves to make macrame jewelry.

Her first hack is useful as she shows you a no tangle way of using embroidery floss.  She only mentions this, but I would make cardboard or use bobbins to hold the threads.  Small kumihimo bobbins such as these are great as they can easily hold the thread for quick release when needed. 

Her safety pin method of securing knotted loops does not damage the work. You wouldn't want to use the common clipboard clip to hold on either as the knotted loop could get distorted. 

Masha also has this wonderful beginner daisy chain friendship bracelet tutorial.  It's pretty and can be used for a choker necklace too.

See more of Masha's work on Instagram.  She is also on Patreon

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