Californian designer, Laurie, of MyAlterEco, has quite the collection of vintage aluminum tins which she puts in good use.  Her wonderful upcycled tin jewelry shows her creativity with shapes, mixed media work and a great eye for patterns!

I love how she layers her carefully cut metal and sometimes rivets them together for her distinctive style. Upcycling at its best!

Laurie explained her love of vintage:
My love of ephemera and all things vintage was formed at an early age by my close relationship with my grandparents. My grandmother's serious antique collecting and my grandfather's wonderful handwritten notes attached to absolutely everything were a constant inspiration. I imagine rich stories hidden within vintage objects giving more depth to my assemblages and collages. Unusual found objects and glue have replaced my paint and brush at least for now.  
Shopping for vintage items is something I really enjoy. What doesn't make it into my projects ends up in my Etsy shop.

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