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Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial Uses Beads instead of a Cabochon

I have featured British designer and wire artist, Kelly Jones before.  She has some awesome wire wrapped jewelry tutorials

You do not need to have a cabochon. So this project is relatively inexpensive. I also like the tutorial because it helps late beginners transition to intermediate and advance projects. Students get to see what is involved so they can decide if getting a professional tutorial is right for them.

Kelly shows how she oxidizes her bare copper to get the patina in this tutorial.  She uses LOS (liver of sulfur) but I prefer to use gun blue - less stink!  The gel version of LOS lasts longer than the solid stuff. 

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  1. Love her wire jewelry. It's beautiful!

    Watching her last video I noted a couple of things that I do that she doesn't. I put a final coat of Renaissance Wax on my pieces after I patina them and clean them up. It seems to keep them from tarnishing as quickly and also I don't have to worry about any residue LOS that might not have come off in the cleaning getting on people's clothes. It gives it a lovely shine.

    I also store all my copper pieces in baggies with an anti-tarnish tab. Helps keep them clean and shiny much longer.

  2. Kelly Jones is wonderful! And her tutorials are easy to follow.


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