Turkish designer, Begum Dogru of GiftableDesign, has a large collection of amazing two in one rings. These cleverly designed rings have two bands and are hinged. As you can see from the pictures below, you can open up the ring and rotate the focal so that another design is revealed. Neat!

They are mostly done in the richly ornate Ottoman Empire style. But there are also some simpler designs. The rings do sit higher on your finger. 

There are literally hundreds of designs. Well worth your time to check out GiftableDesign. She uses synthetic stones - real rubies and emeralds will cost thousands of dollars. Even so, I think the designs are seriously underpriced given the workmanship and intricacies involved!

The Ottoman Empire ruled much of Southeastern Europe, West Asia and North Africa from 1299 - 1918. The empire reached its peak during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who ruled from 1520-1566. 

Artisans during this time produced incredible works including architectural beauties which still exist today, as well as fine examples of many kinds of decorative artwork. 

Ottoman jewelry was characteristically ornate and colorful. The artisans typically used a mix of metals and gemstones. Concentric circles of small gemstones around a larger one was also another favorite style.

Ottoman Empire in 1593. Picture Credit.

The Entire History of the Ottoman Empire in 7 minutes :

Short video on some of the Ottoman jewelry at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. The Sultan in the heyday of the Ottoman Empire had 90 jewelry artisans working for the Royal Court!


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