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Pretty Peyote Bracelet Tutorials by GoBeadYouCreate

I must confess I wasn't all that keen on beaded cuff bracelets until I saw someone wear one.  What matters is the design! 

I first discovered Portuguese designer,  Eva Dias' work on GoBeadYouCreate when she followed my Instagram.  Some of her peyote bracelet tutorials are so pretty.  They are mostly odd count with a few which she worked out for both odd and even count.

My favorites are her geometric and botanical ones. But that ice cream one, I could scream for!

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  1. I like some of these quite a lot. I think this is one of the first times lately that you've featured a designer whose patterns I don't already own. I've favorited her shop for browsing later.

    1. I am chuckling! You are usually much quicker than me for spotting excellent designers!

    2. I know some people complain about Etsy's recommendations, but because I tend to limit my browsing there to a narrow range of items I am interested in, their recommendations are pretty good for me. That's where I've come across most of the designers.

  2. These are gorgeous designs!

  3. lovely designs! as an ice cream lover I could scream for that design too. i do love a pretty cuff.


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