I've featured adjustable bangle tutorials before - see links below.  The metal ones usually involve plain wire. But this adjustable bead bangle tutorial uses twisted wire for a very pretty effect!.

The tutorial is by Suzy Wong Studio. The materials used are in the video description. 

She uses 18G engraved twisted wire. Some examples include this copper version.  You can also try twisting 2-3 finer round wire lengths together. It is important to either use half hard wire or work harden your own twisted wires. This is to ensure the bangle retains its shape. Wrapping this harder wire around the beads will not be easy. 

Also key is the bead hole size. They must be big enough to easily move along the wire. Otherwise, as the instructor says, the bangle will not be adjustable.  Perhaps this is a good one for polymer clay bead makers as you can control the size of the holes.

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