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Resin and Real Egg Shell Jewelry and Home Decor Tiny LampTutorial

 Jackie of Atelier Nature Craft is a crafter who likes to use natural material in her projects.  This clever resin and real egg shell jewelry tutorial is a winner. Egg shells are a great alternative to real dried flowers if you are looking for organic substances to use.  

The appeal is the mosaic pattern you can create.  I love how she uses big pieces which she cracks even more in situ,  forming more delicate patterns. Egg shells are almost all calcium carbonate which is fine to use in resin once the inner egg membranes are removed and the shells are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Jackie designed an ocean themed pendant using an open frame metal turtle. But you can use whatever shape and colors you want.

Her second resin project uses a whole egg shell as a mold for a tiny LED decorative lamp. This part of the tutorial is more challenging as it also requires inserting and then soldering the LED light parts.  Curing time will be longer than flat pieces.

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  1. I remember using egg shells in crafts in Girl Scouts and in school, this is a whole 'nother level! I will try this with my resin projects. thanks for sharing!
    What are the stickers she applied to the egg? I didn't understand their purpose.

    1. The stickers are translucent jellyfish - she is going with an ocean theme here! I must try out shells too for my resin projects.

  2. WOW!! I'm impressed by the ingenuity and the beauty of what she creates.

  3. I don't work with resin very often but these eggshell ideas are inspirational. I see a project in my future using eggshells.

    1. I wonder if you can incorporate eggshells with polymer clay work?


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