Did you know you can make simple stained glass like designs with resin and wire?  This lovely cell phone case decor tutorial by Hong Kong- based Mintcraft shows how she was inspired by wisteria flowers.  She also has another one which features hydrangea flowers

It's not hard to do.  She uses uv resin.  But you can also slowly build up a design with bits of leftover epoxy resin from different sessions.  The clear/transparent cases are very inexpensive so you can easily make several gifts! 

If you opt for uv resin, be sure to select a safe brand and to ensure good ventilation. The repeated and rapid curing means there isn't as much time for any fumes to dissipate compared to regular epoxy.  

I prefer to use and recommend non-uv resin because it is cheaper! You will need a fair amount to cover the final work so uv resin is not cost effective especially if you want to make several cases.  I recommend Brilliant Resin from Little Windows (15% discount code : BG1516).

Another idea is to use nail polish for the colored portion. This saves you from having to color the resin. I've used nail polish for this wire and resin earrings project

She uses resin tape which works well which peels off very easily.  Again, you can save money by just using heavy duty packing tape (I use the Scotch brand).

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