The infinity symbol is a mathematical one which "is conventionally interpreted as meaning that the variable grows arbitrarily large towards infinity—rather than actually taking an infinite value" .

Today, non-mathematicians like us tend to view it as one which denotes no finite limit. So the symbol could represent the infinite love hoped for in relationships.

The infinity symbol is typically represented as a sideways "8". However, this wonderful tutorial depicts it upright for a pair of wire wrapped pearl stud earring dangles. A lovely, dainty design. 

The Estonia based designer is Suzy Wong Studio.  She uses square wire although she says you can also use round. I strongly recommend the square because the wire will sit better when it is layered and thus easier to manipulate into place.  Also consider using half round wire for the wrapping.  The flat side will easily lay on top of the square wire.

She also uses half hard wire. This temper means the wire will better retain its shape. However, it might be trickier for beginners to handle. If you do go on to use soft tempered wire, you will have to spend more time work hardening the design with a hammer. 

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