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Elegant Beaded Tennis Bracelet Tutorial Uses Bicones and Seed Beads

Raise your hand if you love tennis bracelets?  I'll bet many of you did.  Tennis bracelets are dainty and for beaders, quick to do.  

This elegant design tutorial is by Japanese beader, Sapphirus.  

The herringbone stitch project uses 3mm bicones with 11/0 Delica beads. The original tutorial uses Swarovski bicones.  So you will have to use 3mm Preciosa if you are out of Swarovski bicones! 

I think the metallic gold seed beads give the bracelet elegance.

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  1. Sapphirus is in my opinion one of the most creative designers. Her designs are always simple, elegant, and beautiful. I've been a fan of hers for longer than I can remember.

  2. I don't think I've seen a design before that puts thread on the outside of the beads as this one does. I've always thought of hiding the thread as part of the art. Will have to try this and see how it looks to me when it is finished.

    1. Thread on the outside of a bead is typical for Herringbone stitch, it takes some getting used to and good planning with thread and bead colors. you can also add a bead in the "turnaround" before going back through two beads. Not sure how it would look with this particular design but it might create a whole new version! :)

  3. I received a diamond tennis bracelet in November and I'm having a hard time taking it off for any reason. I love them!


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