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Faux Glass Polymer Clay Tutorials by CraftWithClay

Not keen on working with molten glass?  Me, neither.  But you can still get a glass effect with the awesome faux glass polymer clay tutorials by Arizona based, Amber of CraftWithClay

Her tutorials show to make very realistic looking faux glass using only liquid clay.  Her hollow bead tutorial doesn't even use a form to get the hollow interior. There are 3 tutorials in all including one for head pins and disc beads. And a bundle for all three.

You do need two special tools - variable temperature heat gun and a k-type thermocouple probe. Neither of these tools are expensive especially when you compare to the set up needed for a lampwork studio!

The resulting designs will be very lightweight and not breakable like glass! Score!

H/T to Aims (Big Blue Barn Designs) for this find.

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  1. That is really neat. I favorited her shop to explore later.

  2. some people are so creative! I've always wanted to do glass-blowing, perhaps faux glass is more my speed.

    1. You should try it out! That's how I got started making the faux glass beads with liquid clay - I wanted to work with glass really badly, but at the time I couldn't afford the tools.

    2. thanks, Amber, on my way to the craft stores...

  3. I'm continually amazed by all the different qualities of polymer clay.
    Liquid polymer clay is simply amazing as shown in these tutorials.

    1. Liquid polymer clay is awesome, isn't it!! My favorite use for it at the moment is making faux lampwork beads (with a solid bead core that floats in layers of transparent clay).

  4. Wow! It would be hard to tell these from real glass. Thanks Pearl. Now I have something else I have to try. : )

  5. Amazing! I just bought the hollow bead tutorial. I've made lampwork beads before and am not nervous working with molten glass but I'd prefer to not have oxygen and propane in my workshop. I'm not that familiar with liquid polyclay.Is there a Canadian source for this? I checked Amazon Canada but it is shipped from the US.

  6. Sorry if this is a duplicate, I tried to comment yesterday. This is a neat idea.I've made lampwork beads so I'm not afraid to work with molten glass (but I am afraid to have propane and oxygen in my workshop).I bought the hollow bead tutorial. Do you know of a Canadian source for the liquid polymer? Amazon has it but looks like it's shipped from the US.


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