I am sure some of you have done the same as I when a ring gets a little too snug.  We put it on a ring mandrel and coax it to get bigger with a hammer.  

However, what if you have a ring that is several sizes too small?  There just isn't enough metal to enlarge it without thinning it.  This then becomes the job of a metalsmith who must add extra metal to the ring.

Just watch this Turkish goldsmith work his magic, courtesy of Forced Work. He made someone's grandmother's ring 4 sizes larger.  I must admit I was impressed with his lack of any hesitation cutting up someone's heirloom piece!

The pink solution he applies and flame at the beginning is a special agent to protect the gemstones.

There are many steps to this skilled task involving different tools and apparatus including the largest ultrasonic bath I have ever seen.  

This video shows why goldsmiths charge what they do for alterations like this. 

Check the first link below for a full explanation on how a ring is resized - two different methods for rings with stones and those without.

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