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I don't enjoy gift wrapping very much. Crisp folding? Nah.  My in-laws were known to wrap presents with so much tape, one couldn't just rip the wrapping paper. Scissors, craft knives and surgical precision were needed to avoid damaging the gifts!   

Gift wrapping is indeed not an activity many enjoy. One former colleague of mine confessed that for years, he and his wife told their then young children Santa just didn't have time to wrap presents for all. 

But there is a way you can wrap presents which uses less paper, less tape and above all less time! The Japanese art of gift wrapping is practical origami which results in beautifully wrapped packages.

Watch these Japanese workers speed wrap what looks like cookies and cakes! 

This department store worker took a little more time so we can see actually see the steps involved. Only one piece of tape is used per box.  Two boxes took just 50 seconds to wrap!

Jenny W Chan of Origami Tree shows us - slowly - how it is done. From figuring out how much paper you need to the folding required. Her multi-angle camera work demonstrates how the corners have such precise neat folds. As she says, one will speed up with practice!

The Japanese believe presentation is important. The beauty of the gift wrapping conveys to the recipient how much the giver values them.

There are other origami wrapping designs. Check out Hong Kong crafter's QiDaoYu's tutorial for a beautiful origami flower one. The basic wrapping is so lovely,  the origami flower was just the icing on the cake! Her gift wrapping channel is worth a look if you want to up your gift wrapping game!

Here is her gorgeous origami box tutorial which should fit jewelry gifts! See the links below for more easy gift box tutorials.

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  1. Thank you Pearl for your great blog on so many interesting topics. Happy and Safe Holidays to you and your family!

  2. wow! the first video reminded me of wrapping tortillas to make a burrito!
    the origami is beautiful, what paper is she using? at first i thought it was stiff felt, it seems very thick.

    1. I think it is thicker paper than what we are used to here.

  3. I might decide that I don't detest wrapping presents if I can figure out this method.

  4. I just saw a tutorial on how to create a paper Christmas tree for your presents which I thought was quite brilliant!

    The thing with wrapping presents - there's a lot of joy in getting a beautifully wrapped present. Imagine taking your wrapped present to your studio and glitzing it up - then watching the eyes of the recepient. It's wonderful.

    I'm notorious for saving wrapping paper. I have some that's got to be almost 30 years old and I still use. I'll iron the wrinkles out sometimes or even leave on old tags and just add a new one. I reuse everything - including ribbons and bows and tissue. So one piece of scotch tape is a great idea for me.

    The only issue I have with this tutorial is the amount of paper being used. I have little bits of paper I've kept and those little pieces come in handy - so folding it all up like that made me kinda twitch!

    Here we use a blade to unwrap our presents as everyone is now used to me carefully taking the paper off or watching others and grimacing as they waste paper.

    Paper is becoming a precious commodity. Think about that this Christmas when you're unwrapping your presents and before you throw all that wrapping paper out.

    1. I have to admit we use and reuse gift bags in our household! Saves the wrapping. But I agree with you - a beautifully wrapped gift means so much to a recipient.

  5. This article touched a nerve in me. I've always enjoyed creating special packages and boxes with unique papers. Loved seeing these videos. But I've often thought I should pare back. I have a special small gift for my husband this year. Since we remodeled our house recently with a contemporary style, we have an electric horizontal fireplace. There's no mantle or real flames. But I found a tiny 3.50" stocking for the gift and I'm going to tape it to the wall above the fireplace! I've come a long way.


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