Nail polish supplies are really handy for jewelry makers. They are tiny in size which suits us.  I have used nail polish before as well as discovered other ideas (see tutorials below). But I have yet to write about nail art stamping stencils.

Check out Sveta of Fresh Idea's channel - she has many inspirational ideas especially with real flower resin jewelry.  This tutorial shows how she uses nail art stamping stencils to get words  onto cured resin. 

Sveta chose to combine words with her real flower resin jewelry pieces. But if you are not going for the real flower look, consider stamping on colored/tinted resin.  

There are all kinds of nail art stencils such as this one below.  Just make sure you include a clear stamper to help you position the art work where you want. 

Sveta heats up her resin mix in a warm water bath. Please note that if you do this, the curing time is reduced, so work quickly! The warming does remove some bubbles. But I prefer to warm up Part A briefly (6-7 seconds) in a microwave when I use Little Windows' Brilliant Resin. This tip is from Fran Valera decreases bubble formation. (Use BG1516 for a 15% discount).

H/T to Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns for this find. 

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