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Innovative Faux Murano Glass Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

I have seen many faux glass jewelry tutorials. Usually they are resin ones. But this innovative faux murano glass tutorial gets the look from polymer clay! The designer - instructor is US based Victoria whose SunDIYday Youtube channel is a must visit!

Her technique is multi-step and incorporates metallic foil, textures, alcohol inks...and for the final touch, resin to complete the glass like appearance.

Well worth the watch if you are keen to learn more tips.  I was intrigued that she uses a sponge like packing material as the support for the baking process. She also uses clear acrylic blocks typically used for stamping as effective tools as you can see through them.

Definitely not as breakable as the real thing! Costs less too.

H/T Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find.

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  1. You've posted some great polymer clay tutorials lately. I still don't have a good work space for that type of project but maybe one day...

    1. You do not need a lot of space for polymer clay work - just a bit of a desk. Speaking as someone who is always short on work space!

  2. Beautiful! It's wonderful that she shares her technique and you share in your blog Pearl! DO you have a recommendation for the gold pen that is used around the edges?

    1. Check out this past tutorial of mine where I did use a similar sort of pen :

    2. Thanks for sharing. I'll order one of those pens! That was a " brilliant" tutorial. I love that dish. I think I even have all the ingradients. I do love Little Windows!

  3. that's amazing! she could have stopped at any point and had a beautiful effect but the final result is gorgeous.
    I must get some polymer clay.....

  4. I really enjoyed this video. Isn't amazing how many claying techniques she used for this one project! I liked seeing the many ways she used her acrylic roller.


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