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Upcycled Flatware Jewelry by Rocpoet

Sonya of Rocpoet is a dear friend of mine.  We bonded when we met at a local Cambridge, Ontario bead store gathering.  Like me,  she got her start in jewelry making with beadwork many years ago. But she has found her niche in metalsmithing with metal stamping as her specialty.

What she loves to do is upcycle silver plated flatware into unique jewelry designs. She collects a lot of wonderful patterns, some of which are vintage.

Sonya uses up as much of the flatware as she can.  She saws shapes, does cut outs and solders stamped pieces as you can see from the spoon bowl pendant below. 

She not only enjoys the sawing technique, her creative mind comes up with adorable designs such as the dog charm below.  I also love her cat, mermaid tail pendants and "ele-fork" designs!

Sonya gave me one of her spoon rings shown above - a beautifully upcycled and very comfortable ring indeed.  

Another talent of Sonya's is her clever way with puns - some examples are shown with her custom stamped pie/cake slice, forks and stir spoons.

Sonya sells her designs through her Instagram  and Facebook as well as at a local shop called The Juniper Artisan Collective

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  1. I see potential gifts! the "Juniper Artisan Collective" goes to Instagram when I click on it and when I enter it in my search engine. I would love to shop, must i go through Instagram?

    1. Neither Sonya or Juniper's has a website. But do message them if you want to purchase anything. They will be able to quote and make arrangements.

    2. You can also contact Sonya at

  2. I see Sonya and I have the same fascination with silverware! The designs on silverware are absolutely gorgeous - there's nothing quite like it! I love using silverware because of those designs and how beautifully they polish up. Because you can use every piece of a fork or spoon it's the perfect way to recycle. I'm amazed that people don't use their silverware anymore. Because of that I've managed to get a lot of boxes of silverware - their loss - my gain! I use mine all the time - it keeps it clean and it gives the table a gorgeous look. But I have one set for my table and tons of sets I've purchased over the last 10 years to incorporate into my jewelry. I can't seem to get enough! It's a terrible addiction! LOL!

    Well done Sonya! Your work is gorgeous!


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