The God's Eye  or Ojo De Dios in Spanish is a symbol which originated in Mexico among the Huichol people but can now be found in many places such as the Southern US and in South America. The Huichol consider it an important spiritual and protective symbol for the Huicohol.  

It is commonly made from a wooden cross with yarn woven around it. Depending on how many wood sticks are used, there could be 4 (the traditional number) or more sides. 

Lan Anh Handmade, a wonderfully innovative Vietnamese wire artisan, was inspired to come up with a wire version. She shared the basic pattern in this tutorial. It is easy to do.

God's eye or Ojo de Dios on Quemado Mountain, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Picture Credit  : Anaroza

The basic pattern can be used in so many other ways as Lan Anh shows in her inspirational picture (screen capture) below. Also consider adding extra spokes so you can make a spider's web!

Not into wire?  Consider making this awesome variation of the God's Eye!  This mandala home decor tutorial is by Canadian, Sunatuka Sen, of The Craft ShowShe has many spectacular variations besides this one. Perhaps some of the variations can inspire further wire ones?

H/T to Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns for this find. 

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