Marida Riefolo Nardelli is the talented Italian beader behind MaridaDesign. Shown here are some of my favorites from her gorgeous collection. 

She excels at repeating motif designs but not always.  There is one encased leather cord necklace design which shows off a contemporary vibe.  I particularly love her muted neutral color palette which she uses very effectively for some of her necklace designs.

Marida told me her bead story :

I love beads since I was a child: I used to make jewelry for my dolls. Growing up, I never gave up this hobby that continues to enjoy me.
I don't know what inspires my beadworks: I might have a design idea in mind, sometimes it's the colors, some other times I try to make a jewel to match a particular outfit.
In 2013 I started a facebook page for my handmade creations and I was pleasantly surprised when some magazines published my work: Perlen Poesie, Digital beading Australia and Bead Art. Even Vogue Accessory posted one of my creations on their popular FB page. As a result of many requests from my followers, I eventually opened my Etsy shop: it was in 2014.
Because I'm a perfectionist and I didn't want to disappoint the people supporting me, I put up for sale my first tutorial only 2 years later. I worked really hard to build and develop my business, gain the customers' trust and now I'm very happy and proud of the goals I've reached so far. I hope to always improve."
We certainly hope to see more of her work in the future!

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