You don't have to wait for Father's Day to make this one! This lovely unisex 8 strand braided leather bracelet tutorial is by South Korean artisan, Hahns, of HahnsAtelier on Etsy.  

The leather strands are actually braided over a central strip of leather. This makes the braiding even and the core will strengthen the bracelet. 

He uses 2 part epoxy adhesive which is strong especially since it is freshly made each time you mix the two parts.  Don't want to mix? I have used both Super New Glue and my current recommendation Starbond Medium (use BGSB15 for 15% ) for similar types of leather cord clasp ends.  Very strong.  Remember to leave overnight to fully set up.  

Also notice he puts the glue inside the cord ends before inserting the bracelet ends. Less mess than if you put the glue on the leather itself. The glue tends to ooze over the cord ends if you do the latter. Been there and done that!

He has a wonderful Youtube channel which shows you how to make beautiful leather accessories.  Some are completely free,  like this bracelet, to encourage subscribers for his exquisitely produced channel. 

He has generously offered these free tutorials and videos to help beginners and those working with his paid bags and everyday accessories patterns on his Etsy. 

Shown here are my favorites among his many beautiful leather patterns. Check out his Youtube for simpler designs if you are a beginner. 

H/T to Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs

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