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Polymer Clay Pendant Silk Screening Tutorial | How Metallic and Crystal Components are Added

I've covered silk screening on polymer clay before. The technique creates lovely, intricate patterns on the clay.  

This tutorial for a stunning silk screened polymer clay pendant revisits the method.  The instructor is Teresa Pandora Salgado

She covers the basics but what I really liked is the demonstration on how to add metallic and crystal components. Teresa lists the supplies used in the description section of her video. 

She also raves about the tiny pointy swabs from Little Windows.  They are so helpful for crafts of all kinds besides resin jewelry making!  (Use BG1516 to get 15% off from Little Windows).

I recommend you do not use Superglue which can get brittle with time. The Starbond Medium cyanoacrylate glue formulation is better and super strong. See this review post which covers all the various types of Starbond glues. (Use BGSB15 to get 15% off from Starbond)

H/T Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find. 

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  1. This is what I love about polymer clay. You can create anything you want that other people don't have because you are creating it - not purchasing it ready-made. Each item is your own - individual - coming out of your own muse.

    When Teresa pulls away the silk screen for the reveal underneath I always go 'Oh!'. The pattern revealed is just so gorgeous! And the amount of pieces she can get out of that size of print is amazing.

    What really boggles my mind is how she creates what she does with those nails! Having a potter in the family I know that every single little ding from a fingernail in the clay shows up - same with polymer clay. The fact that Teresa's pieces are so smooth and gorgeous when she's done shows just how talented she is. Not one single fingernail ding in them!

    This pendant is something I'd wear in a heartbeat. I love all those dangles. I can imagine how it would sound when you move. Add in those sparklies and I'm in love!

    Thanks for sharing her work Pearl.

  2. fascinating! and she makes it look so easy (even with those nails!) a true artist.


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