Martin Tomsky of TomskyStore is a London based British artist who has a flare for narrative jewelry and art designs.  His range of layered and multi-colored laser cut wood designs has a sense of dynamism. 

His giant squid necklace suggests the animal is just about to propel itself through the water.  His magpie brooch shows the bird having pilfered something shiny.  Martin doesn't just create wood fish or fox earrings, but he depicts them has having been caught on a fish hook or catching a hare! And his orca is in full pursuit of fish!

One of my favorites from his wonderful collection is the phoenix aloft and in flame colors.  Martin also does clever reversible wood necklaces - his whale and bat focals have the skeletal versions on the other side. 

Skeletons also appear in his artwork - A Brush with Death is a humorous depiction of the phrase. Also imaginative is his panel artwork showing the Loneliness of Charon - the underworld Ferryman of the Dead from Greek Mythology. Martin's sense of humor comes through again, even with such a macabre subject - Charon is not truly lonely because he has a cat!

He explained :
I grew up in South London as the youngest of seven children. My childhood was spent surrounded by books – relics from my parents' past as Czech publishers and book smugglers. Amidst the chaos of this large family, my drawing habit grew unchecked until it developed into a full blown addiction. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts I have translated my art from the page to the physical by creating intricate woodworks which both are both decorative and narrative.

The Loneliness of Charon 

A Brush with Death

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