Most of the coldest places on Earth aren't inhabited or only have a relatively small number of people. But Yakutsk in Siberia, Russia, lays claim to being the coldest large city in the world. It lies just 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle, home to over 300,000 hardy souls. The whole city was built on permafrost. 

It's never ever above freezing from 10 November to 14 March, inclusive. It does get warm and even hot for two short months in the summer.   (Note -71 degree C = -96 degree F)

Clearly, clothing is super important to surviving such low temperatures in winter. 

This video below by Dayana on her Kuin B Youtube channel shows how the Yakut people dress to survive in the mind-numbing cold even in the world's coldest outdoor market! It's hard to look good when you have to dress warm!

Shown are some absolutely gorgeous beadwork in the traditional reindeer skin boots and fur hat.  Fur is the best protection against harsh winters. It's one thing to use fur for survival, another thing to use fur as a status symbol, strutting around much warmer climes just to show off. 

She also does a question and answer on Yakutian culture, history and life.

Yakutsk is the capital of the Sakha Republic and is also the headquarters for many coal, diamond and gold mining companies in the region.  The largest open pit diamond mine is also located in this eastern part of Russia.

The Yakut or Sakha are the indigenous people there. They are descended from Turkic (those who speak Turkish dialects) nomads who migrated to the region and intermingled with Mongolian people, centuries ago. 

Another Youtuber, Maria of Life in Yakutia, shows what traditional Yakut women's wear and jewelry looks like.  The white outfit is the traditional dress not the pink one. 

The sterling silver jewelry is stunning. These adorn the head, ears, wrists and neck. The necklaces are made out of many separate components linked together to form a long front piece.  Maria says that if she were to wear the full regalia, the accessories would weigh 16 kg (35 lb) ! She also has a horse tail accessory which works like a mosquito swatter in the summertime. 

Shown below are some lovely up close look at Siberian Yakut jewelry from EthnicShopRU.  I suspect the art of silversmithing probably traveled with the Turkic nomads from the area around Turkey to their new home.  The exquisite detail, intricacies and workmanship certainly suggest that.

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